Wednesday, July 27, 2011


After our little photoshoot, we had a GPM (General Prayer Meeting) with our East chapter. It was heaps fun! First, we went to Wendell's house to play around and eat dinner. We took a few Britney Spears parodies with our wigs and just played around. After that, we caught a ride with Nikki and the ride was heaps fun! We were dancing silently at the back of the car hahahaha. Then we got to St Marks and the GPM was heaps, heaps, heaps fun! It's crazy how time flies when you're having so much fun. I don't want this to end, I hope it stays like this forever. I'm content with a few things right now... just praise God for everything, really.

Anyways, I need to hit the sack now and catch some ZZZZZZ's. I'm pretty beat right now! Goodnight!

We wasted all our free time alone

Sheer blouse- Thrifted
High-wasted shorts- Glassons
Socks- School Socks

Today was supposed to be my "homework day" but Wendell came over and I decided to postpone it till tomorrow! He came over to shoot another Adele parody video but we got lazy and we didn't know what to do so I requested we just take some photos instead. We took a few videos as well, we took one of him trying to put make-up on me... which was pretty alright, I guess :-) He took these photos and he couldn't stop laughing. He was laughing at my "poses" hahahaha.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

I got a DSLR!

FINALLY! I have been waiting and waiting for ages and it's finally here! My Uncle decided to upgrade his DSLR by buying the Canon EOS 60D (18mp) and he sold his Canon EOS 500D (15.1mp) to us. The 550D would have been better (18.1mp) but hey! At least I have a DSLR now. I can finally take high-def pictures and maybe start doing photography. It came with two lenses and the bag, etc. He bought it in 2009 but it still looks brand new, it would have been nice to have a brand new, Canon EOS 550D, but oh well! I'll upgrade next time! I would consider photography as a future job..... maybe :-) I'll take pictures of the DSLR tomorrow, I'm too lazy right now. But I did take a few photos and edited it just to test it out, here are some:

My Dad

My sister:

Random Flowers

Ugh they don't even look HD here, oh well.

On the other note, today was a really, really great day. My sister did not go to work (yay) and we went to Sylvia Park. I'm surprised I didn't buy anything. I'm kind of getting in the habit of thrifting and I am falling in love with vintage clothes! It was pretty tiring, walking around Sylvia. Pretty tired now... SO BYEZZZZZ AND GOODNIGHTZ!

Friday, July 22, 2011


I wanted to try out the tracing thingy on Photoshop so I grabbed a random picture from Trixia S's Lookbook and traced it. It looks alright, I reckon, for a first try. Excuse my ugly signature :L

DIY- bows

I FINALY LEARNT HOW TO SEW BOWS! I thought it was going to be really complicated and hard but when I watched the tutorial and tried it out, it turned out to be really, really easy! Mum had a few fabric left and I wanted to try it out. I'm planning on making bows and selling them for a dollar or two so I can earn money and BUY MORE CLOTHES HEHEHE! As soon as I learnt how to do it, I made heaps more. It was so easy! It took me like 5 minutes? I don't know but I am definitely going to do heaps more.

This is the tutorial:

La jupe longue

Top- Cotton On
Belt- Supre
Maxi dress- Sister's

Just took some Lookbook photos today with Wendell. He came over to film a Someone Like You- by Adele parody. I wasn't planning on taking Lookbook photos, it was only supposed to be a costume! Anyways, check it out!

This is the serious one. It's a total fail! I didn't know some of the lyrics and it looks like I'm trying way too hard to lip-sync :-( I want to redo it again! But great editing and filming, right?

This one is the funny one, where we both did it. It was so much fun filming this! I think this is much better than the serious one lol.

Thrifting Haul

It's the end of the first week of the holidays and I got one more week till school starts again :-( Boo! My sister didn't go to uni today cos she was sick (Yeah, right!) so she took me shopping. We went to Dressmart but there was nothing good so I begged her to stop by Savemart (THE best thrift store that I know of). I encouraged her to try out thrifting but she's more of a "hype" person. She likes new and "in-style" things, while I, on the other hand, prefer second-hand and vintage stuff. When we arrived at the thrift store, I ran inside, jumping with excitement (I haven't thrifted in a while) and I automatically went to check for printed sheer blouses. I picked 5 beautiful ones but I only had 10 dollars in my pocket :-( SO I chose the blue sheer one. AND GUESS WHAT. THE TAG HAS MY NAME ON IT! THE EXACT SAME LETTERS! I just saw it when I got in the car lol! Then I checked for high-wasted shorts/jeans and I found this Lee 3/4 pants. I'm going to cut it and distress it later. I might even make a DIY video. Even though I only had 10 dollars in my pocket, I COULDN'T leave the blue sheer blouse or the high wasted pants behind! Thankfully, my sister was generous enough to pay for the rest! :-D

Thrifting is so much fun. If only I had heaps and heaps of money, I would have bought the rest of the blouses :-( I WANNA GO THRIFTING AGAIN!!!! I swear I can spend the whole day in a thrift store.

I spent less than 20 bucks!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer, where art thou?

(Everything DIY, shirt: Jayjays, shorts: JustJeans)

Yesterday I took some photos with the head wreath I made out of mum's flowers. I looked outside my window and I saw these beautiful flowers outside the garden and I just HAD to make a head wreath out of them! I haven't got the time and money to head down to Spotlight and buy plastic flowers and the materials needed for a proper head wreath. It's the fourth day of the holidays and it feels like it's going too fast! NOOOOOO! I am stuck at home, alone, cold, hungry and bored :-( I shall go and make breakfast then shower and do some more DIY!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Disney Princesses Photo Project


Disney Princesses Photo Project- Princess Tiana

This is the 4th photo of my Disney Princesses Photo Project. I haven't done any in a very long time, I've been really busy with school work and stuff that I've forgotten about the project. This time, I did Princess Tiana from Princess and the Frog. I TRIED to look like her but I am nowhere close, but oh well! Looks like I'm not dark enough. I just played around with the makeup and looked at her picture; she had purple eyeshadow and maroon-ish lips. My lips look pink but they're actually maroon in person. I also Photoshopped the eyes to make it look brighter. Oh and thank God my sister owns a tiara! I couldn't find her gloves :-( It would've looked better with the gloves but I couldn't find it :-(

I think I am going to do Snow White next or redo Pocahontas :-)