Friday, July 22, 2011

Thrifting Haul

It's the end of the first week of the holidays and I got one more week till school starts again :-( Boo! My sister didn't go to uni today cos she was sick (Yeah, right!) so she took me shopping. We went to Dressmart but there was nothing good so I begged her to stop by Savemart (THE best thrift store that I know of). I encouraged her to try out thrifting but she's more of a "hype" person. She likes new and "in-style" things, while I, on the other hand, prefer second-hand and vintage stuff. When we arrived at the thrift store, I ran inside, jumping with excitement (I haven't thrifted in a while) and I automatically went to check for printed sheer blouses. I picked 5 beautiful ones but I only had 10 dollars in my pocket :-( SO I chose the blue sheer one. AND GUESS WHAT. THE TAG HAS MY NAME ON IT! THE EXACT SAME LETTERS! I just saw it when I got in the car lol! Then I checked for high-wasted shorts/jeans and I found this Lee 3/4 pants. I'm going to cut it and distress it later. I might even make a DIY video. Even though I only had 10 dollars in my pocket, I COULDN'T leave the blue sheer blouse or the high wasted pants behind! Thankfully, my sister was generous enough to pay for the rest! :-D

Thrifting is so much fun. If only I had heaps and heaps of money, I would have bought the rest of the blouses :-( I WANNA GO THRIFTING AGAIN!!!! I swear I can spend the whole day in a thrift store.

I spent less than 20 bucks!

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