Wednesday, July 27, 2011

We wasted all our free time alone

Sheer blouse- Thrifted
High-wasted shorts- Glassons
Socks- School Socks

Today was supposed to be my "homework day" but Wendell came over and I decided to postpone it till tomorrow! He came over to shoot another Adele parody video but we got lazy and we didn't know what to do so I requested we just take some photos instead. We took a few videos as well, we took one of him trying to put make-up on me... which was pretty alright, I guess :-) He took these photos and he couldn't stop laughing. He was laughing at my "poses" hahahaha.


  1. love this! ♥ you look great! :D

    would love it if you checked out my blog, and maybe followed?

    Meena xxxx

  2. Hello Dennise, They say you're 14. Wow! =)
    I really love your blog and your looks are always so intriguing. I'm your latest follower. Please check out my blog @

    Much Love from Botswana