Sunday, July 24, 2011

I got a DSLR!

FINALLY! I have been waiting and waiting for ages and it's finally here! My Uncle decided to upgrade his DSLR by buying the Canon EOS 60D (18mp) and he sold his Canon EOS 500D (15.1mp) to us. The 550D would have been better (18.1mp) but hey! At least I have a DSLR now. I can finally take high-def pictures and maybe start doing photography. It came with two lenses and the bag, etc. He bought it in 2009 but it still looks brand new, it would have been nice to have a brand new, Canon EOS 550D, but oh well! I'll upgrade next time! I would consider photography as a future job..... maybe :-) I'll take pictures of the DSLR tomorrow, I'm too lazy right now. But I did take a few photos and edited it just to test it out, here are some:

My Dad

My sister:

Random Flowers

Ugh they don't even look HD here, oh well.

On the other note, today was a really, really great day. My sister did not go to work (yay) and we went to Sylvia Park. I'm surprised I didn't buy anything. I'm kind of getting in the habit of thrifting and I am falling in love with vintage clothes! It was pretty tiring, walking around Sylvia. Pretty tired now... SO BYEZZZZZ AND GOODNIGHTZ!

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