Friday, July 15, 2011

No more school!

YAAAAAY! No more school for two weeks! FINALLY! After a very long term, which was 11 weeks, it's finally the holidays! Today, we had a themed mufti day and we had to wear white. I had my Science and Drama assessment, which I failed. And we went out for dinner to this fancy restaurant called Monsoon Poon. It was kind of a Bohemian themed restaurant and they served Indonesian, Thai, Indian, Vietnamese and other Asian stuff lol. OH AND IT WAS SO COLD OH MY GOODNESS. I wore a skirt because I thought we were only going to my Auntie's house, but NO! Then after that we went to Movenpick. Mum was talking about moving to Melbourne but Dad doesn't want to :-( But hey, my Mum's the boss lol. She said we're definitely gonna visit Melbourne next year (hopefully during OYC) and see what it's like there. So excited!

Anyways. This is what I wore and I was freezing my ass off.

(Shirt: Supre, Skirt: Cotton On, Belt: Supre)

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