Saturday, July 9, 2011

Land of the Long White Cloud

On Thursday, we visited Wellington for our Social Studies field trip. We flew there with Jetstar (which sucks balls, I swear it's so budget but whatever) and spent the day there. Unfortunately, we couldn't stay for the night because we had school the day after :-( Which was pretty exhausting, I tell you. But it was worth it! During our stay in Welly, we went to the Parliament and got to see the debating chamber. We watched the Ministers debate and decide the laws and acts or whatever you call them. The Ministers were a bunch of lazy fucks. Some of them were just sitting there, playing with their iPads and texting! We weren't allowed to take pictures while we were in there because "John Key wanted privacy" lol he wasn't even there. Then afterwards we went to Te PaPa museum. Ugh it was an awesome day lol I'm too lazy to describe the rest. But look at the clouds! I had the window seat hehe :-) I want to go back to Wellington. It's such a beautiful place :-)

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